Social Anthropology Doctoral candidate in the Sociology & Social Anthropology Department at Dalhousie University, and a Sessional Lecturer in the departments of Religious Studies and Sociology & Anthropology at the University of Prince Edward Island.

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My current and past research interests include the study of Food & Food Movements, Theories of Value, Buddhism in North America, Political Economy, Marketing, Transnationalism, Orientalism, and the Sociology & Anthropology of Religion.

I am currently the organizer for KAPITAL 150: A Symposium on The Relevance Of Marx at Dalhousie University, a student team member of the Religion & Diversity Project, and a contributor/collaborator with Culture on the Edge. I was also a co-organizer of the 2016 joint conference of the Canadian Anthropology Society & Society for the Anthropology of North America held at Dalhousie University.

I am an active member of the American Anthropology Association, the Canadian Anthropology Society, the North American Association for the Study of Religion,  Society for the Anthropology of Religion, and the American Academy of Religion.

I received my M.A. in Religion & Culture from Wilfrid Laurier University (2010), an Honours B.A. in Religious Studies from Saint Mary’s University (2009), and a B. Comm. in Marketing from Saint Mary’s University (2003). I also worked in various capacities for non-profit organizations and as an instructor of English as a second language in Taiwan.

A current PDF version of my CV is available here:
Ellsworth CV Jan 2018

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