Original Date of Publication – February 10, 2017
Peer-reviewed article published at Culture on the Edge

A short peer-reviewed article, Is Tom Brady Vegan, Vegetarian, or Just Another Omnivore?,  addresses the contested nature of ideological categories such as vegan and how these categories are often taken for granted. It takes the example of NFL quarterback Tom Brady’s predominately plant-based diet and how it has sparked strident debates over how to label him and his eating habits:

“By attributing Brady’s on the field performance to the nutritional benefits of veganism, Baur is using this professional athlete to promote plant-based living. While diet and performance may be closely linked, I find myself most interested in the very contested nature of categories such as vegan. These categories are often taken for granted as descriptors to define a monolithic category or movement. However when conflicts inevitably arise, they demonstrate how identities are continually being constituted, constructed, and challenged.”

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